Hi! I’m Sommer Brooks, also known as Lip$tickLola™ or Lola for short (#diddyswag). Welcome to my blog!

I’m a media talent! After graduating from an accredited media school in Broadcast Media Arts, I had learned a plethora of skills that could lead me into television or radio, I decided to combine them all! With my acquired skill set I’ve ventured into podcast writing, videography, music management; as well as being an On-Air talent and blogger for a popular internet radio station in Detroit.

I created this blog with the intent of empowering & informing my audience, while also offering them a creative & fun online hangout. Through this blog I want you to always know WHAT’S HAPPENING and inspire! Whether it’s art, news, music, entertainment, or world issues I’ll have those happenings here. As a new personal blogger I want to offer my readers parts of me and parts of my craft so that you can become familiar with who I am. Sommer Brooks.

(all writings on this blog belong to me and are not intended for reuse in any other place unless agreed upon by me,the writer)

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