[VIDEO]: Wack 100 Responds To Meek vs. Tekashi 69 Incident

Cash Jones, better known as Wack 100, is a manager to Rappers, The Game and Blueface.

Known for his unpopular opinion, Wack recently responded to an incident that involved Tekashi 6 9 and Philadelphia native rapper, Meek Mill. (pictured above)

Back in 2018 Tekashi 6 9 was arrested for a number of charges that included conspiracy to murder, robbery, and drugs and weapons charges. The following year he plead guilty to nine charges, after testifying in favor of the prosecution, 6 9’s sentence was reduced to two years. Since Tekashi’s release from prison, some fans and industry affiliates label him as rat for snitching on fellow gang affiliates and rappers that were affiliated with gangs.

Meek Mill is one of the rapper’s who’s been vocal about platforms or individuals that support 6 9. Over the weekend we guess 6 9 was fed up with the talk and randomly pulled up on Meek Mill outside an Atlanta club. 6 9 lunged at Meek, and accused him of having cops with him.

Below, Wack 100 responds to Meeks reaction outside the club and reference’s old incidents in an attempt to possibly discredit him.


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