Man Who Plotted to Kidnap Michigan Governor Pleads Guilty & ‘Will Fully Cooperate’

Just months after his October 2020 arrest, 25- year old Ty Garbin has plead guilty to his role in the plotted kidnapping of Michigan Governor, Gretchen Whitmer. In exchange for leniency on the life sentence he faces, he has agreed to fully cooperate with police to fill in the holes of their investigation, including testifying.

Tuesday morning (Jan.27) in a Grand Rapids U.S. District Court, Garbin admitted to watching Whitmer’s vacation home day and night in preparation for the kidnapping, as well as participating in a series of training exercises to prepare for the day. He is one of 14 men who was apart of a self proclaimed militia, the Wolverine Watchmen.

According to court documents, the Wolverine Watchmen attended firearms training in Wisconsin, with the attempt to create a homemade explosive. Text messages obtained by the FBI show Garbin and “militia” member Adam Fox had an arrangement to pick up tactical gear and explosives Oct.6, just before being arrested. The group was unaware that they had been infiltrated by law enforcement.

Along with Ty Garbin, six other men will face federal charges of kidnapping. Adam Fox, Barry Croft, Kaleb Franks, Daniel Harris and Brandon Caserta, all are being held with no bond. The eight others were reportedly charged with terrorism and will have to appear in state court.

Fox is said to be the ring leader, its reported that his basement was being prepared to house the Governor after the kidnapping was done.

The motive behind the plan was due to the issuance of the lockdown to combat the COVID-19 spread.

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