Law & Order’s Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler Reunited

After spending nearly 10 years off of Law & Order SVU screens, America’s favorite crime duo is back! But there’s a twist.

Actor Christopher Meloni will return to Law & Order as Detective Elliot Stabler, but in a new spinoff, Law & Order: Organized Crime where Olivia Benson will make a guest appearance. After enduring a devastating personal loss Stabler, who is played by Meloni, returns to the NYPD as a Detective in the organized crime division adapting to new changes of the force in his 10 year absence.

After the duo shared photos to their social media accounts of them on set filming the new crime series, fans erupted in excitement! Though Christopher Meloni didn’t return back to SVU, fans are hopeful to see Benson and Stabler with crossover storylines. Hargitay, who is on her 22nd season with the SVU franchise will soon be promoted to captain. Law & Order: Organized Crime is set to premier sometime this year.

Mariska Hargitay (Oliva Benson) and Christopher Meloni worked together for 12 seasons on SVU. In a 2011 season 12 finale, Meloni’s character, Det. Stabler, was put on leave and later retired after a shootout in the squad room left a rape victim’s teen daughter dead by his hand. The show ended and left fans hanging with no proper farewell between Benson and Stabler. Hargitay’s character, Olivia Benson learned of partners departure in a season 13 opener of the show.

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