Kamala Harris’ Vogue Cover Has Social Media In An Uproar

In an upcoming February issue of Vogue Magazine that will feature Vice President-elect ,Kamala Harris, has social media upset on how the country’s future second powerful leader was portrayed.

According to the Associated Press, when Harris and her team agreed to work with the fashion magazine the cover photo that was chosen , was not the photo that she and the team had agreed upon. Instead of the light blue “power suit” that was chosen for the cover, the Vogue team opted to use a more casual look of the VP-elect in Converse sneakers, an image that was supposed to be used on the inside of the magazine.

Vogue reveals February issue

Comments surrounding Vogue’s choice in the photo selection has social media in an uproar. Allegedly subscribers feel that people of color that are in power receive subpar imagery representation when it comes to Vogue and cover features.

In a statement by the fashion magazine addressing why they chose the photo of the first elected female VP , was to capture Harris’ “authentic, approachable nature, which we feel is one of the hallmarks of the Biden-Harris administration.”

Sources say Harris’ team did express their disappointment with Vogue and wasn’t aware of the changed decision until photos leaked on Saturday. Harris & her team has declined to comment on the issue, however a member involved in negotiations did as long as they remained anonymous.

Harris will be sworn into office along with President-elect Joe Biden on Jan.20

Photo by Tyler Mitchell

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