Capitol Hill Breach Forces Lockdown and US Senate Into a Recess

The U.S. Capitol erupted into chaos Wednesday (Jan.6), as a Trump extremist mob vandalized and swarmed the Capitol building. The group breached any line of defense that may have been in place from the outside of the Capitol to the inside, even storming onto the Capitol’s House Floor.

The disruptive and subpar behavior of the pro-Trump group caused a recess amongst Congress who was there to witness the final certification of President-elect Joe Biden’s electoral win. Vice President Mike Pence, who was presiding over the joint Congress session, was reportedly forced to be evacuated after rioters attempted to force themselves into the House chamber and another was shot.

During the breach social media exploded with videos and images of what was taking place. You could see the group of extremist fighting with police, breaking windows, climbing walls, and spraying law enforcement with fire extinguishers, all in an effort to stop the final count of electoral votes. Sources also say the pro-Trump group left noose’s hanging and other symbols of hate around the capitol, in addition to sporting their confederate flags and making white-power gestures.

Biden urged Trump to go on National Television to “fulfill his oath and defend the constitution and demand an end to this siege.” Biden went on to say “It’s not a protest. It’s insurrection, the words of a president matter, no matter how good or bad it is.”

Attorney General Bill Barr, said in a statement, “The violence at the Capitol Building is outrageous and despicable. Federal agencies should move immediately to disperse it.”

Early Wednesday Trump called for his supporters to march to the Capitol to support him and his baseless claims of voter fraud, giving false hope to the group that he may join them before heading back to the White House.

As of now the extremist group is still outside of the Capitol. (6:30p EST)

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