Nicki Minaj Involved in A $200 Million Lawsuit Over Song “Rich Sex”

Post-baby, Nicki Minaj is in the headlines yet again, and forced to defend herself. New York rapper, Brinx Billions has accused the female emcee of ripping off his song “Rich Sex” and passing it as her own.

Brinx, who’s real name is Jawara Headley, has been associated with the star since meeting on myspace in 2007. The rapper says that he played his version of the song for Nicki in 2016, in which she complimented him by saying it was a “global hit.” In filed court documents by Headley he wants to be compensated for not receiving proper credit and damages, according to TMZ.

Aside from the lyric similarities , you can hear the voice of Brinx Billions throughout Nicki’s version of “Rich Sex.” , he says her song also has a similar musical arrangement, beats and rhythm.

Brinx Billions

Brinx is adamant that he is the original author/creator/composer/writer/producer of the song and isn’t receiving the proper credit, although credit to him is shown on Apple Music and other credible music sources and platforms. He is reportedly still suing Nicki Minaj as well as Universal Music Group, Young Money, and Cash Money.

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