Ghislaine Maxwell’s $28.5 Million Bail Request Denied by Federal Judge

On Monday U.S. District Judge Alison Nathan has again denied the British socialite and henchman to sex offender Jefferey Epstein bail, stating that she is a flight risk.

Fifty-nine year old Ghislaine Maxwell, who is being held at a federal detention center in Brooklyn, New York, has plead not guilty to six counts of multistate sex trafficking in the mid 90’s. Maxwell is accused of partnering with the late Jeffery Epstein to recruit and groom underage girls to engage in sexual acts with him “through a variety of methods”, reports ABC News. Sources also say that Maxwell was present and even involved in some of the abuse of the minors. Two counts of perjury are now added to the list of charges for false statements given under oath in a 2016 deposition civil suit.

Prosecutors said “Maxwell’s ability to hide her wealth and evade capture, and the prospect she might flee to France or the United Kingdom, where she holds citizenships…she might elude extradition.” A hi-tech police raid is what lead to her July arrest at her New Hampshire home , where it’s believed she was hiding out, and later court documents revealed that Maxwell had been married since 2016.

If convicted Ghislaine Maxwell will face up to 35 years in prison, her trial is set to begin July 12, 2021.

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